Issues Involving The Ascent To The Temple Mount - An Exchange Of Letters Between S. Scheinman and Rabbi Avigdor Neventzal

1 Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and Others Permitted the Ascent to the Temple Mount

2 The 500 cubit by 500 cubit Proof against Tuvia Sagiv

3 Ascending the Temple Mount for the Sake of Saving Lives

4 Rabbi Moshe Feinstein didn't tell us to rely upon the government to save us from Murderers and did not say that we should avoid prohibitions by sitting at home.

5 Jews Enter the El-Aska Mosque to Save the Ramban Synagogue

6 The Thing which Saved the Jews of Jerusalem from the same type of Destruction that came to the Jews of Hebron in 5689 [secular year 1929]

7 Tzachi Hanegbi Testifies that Ascending the Temple Mount Strengthens Our Control

8 Tunnels underneath the Temple Mount and more on Saving Live - letter 4

9 Proof That The Strict Opinion of the Tzitz Eliezer Concerning The Area Between The Wall Of The Old City And The Temple Mount Was Not Accepted As Halacha

10 The Three Oaths

11 The Ascent of Unarmed Citizens Causes Armed Policemen To Ascend

12 Regarding the Ascent of the Rabbis To The Temple Mount During the Six Day War

13 The Identification of the Even Hashtia by Sefer Har Hamor of Rabbi Yosi Pelee

14 Entering New Tunnels On the Temple Mount

15 Ascending the Temple Mount for the Sake of Conquest

16 Do we have to Worry that our Ascent to the Temple Mount Causes the Ascent of Policemen that did not Immerse in a Mikva

17 Rabbi Kook's Position

18 Perhaps the Police Will Hit Those That Ascend the Temple Mount

19 Rabbi Kook Explains Why Daniel Was Allowed To Risk His Life When He Openly Prayed Against The Wish Of The Government

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