An Introduction to Yeshivat Beit Habechira

The Temple Institute which gathers money that does not carry the halachic status of Hekdesh [ of being consecrated to the Temple ] for the construction of Temple vessels, also has founded yeshivas.

Among those yeshivas, is Yeshivat Beit Habechira : for the expounding of the halachas of the mikdash, its structure, and its service.

“Torah scholars that are involved with the halachas of the sacrificial service, the scriptural passage accounts them as if the Temple was built in their days” [ Menachot 110 ].

The task of the Yeshiva is to raise up a generation of Torah scholars, lecturers, researchers and experts for the subject of the Temple and its service, to hasten the hour of the building of the Temple in Israel, and in accordance with the words of our sages : “Great is study that brings to action" [ Kedushin 40b ].

Let every person view it as a privilege for himself and even an obligation to support Torah scholars that deal in depth with the halachas of the mikdash and thereby hasten the hour of the building of the Temple [lit. House of the Choice ].

The following is a partial listing of some of the rabbis, who in the past contributed articles on the Temple or Temple Service to the Yeshiva's journal Maalin Bakodesh

  1. Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg
  2. Rabbi Shabbtei Rappaport
  3. Rabbi Yehuda Shviv
  4. Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
  5. Rabbi Menachem Makover
  6. Rabbi Tzvi Shalva
  7. Rabbi Avraham Cahana Shapira
  8. Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu
  9. Rabbi Moshe Odess
  10. Rabbi Uri Cohen

The students of the yeshiva (as of Jewish Year 5761) currently learn within the Beit Midrash of "b'totaichi Yerushalayim" in the old city of Jerusalem, Israel.

To contact the Yeshiva, try contacting them through the Temple Institute.

The Temple Institute’s office is located on 24 Misgav Ladach Street in the Old City of Jerusalem, zip code 97500 and telephone number in Israel (02) 626-4545 [Israel's country code is 972]

To contact the Temple Institute by Internet Go to their web site at: